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Welcome to Ceramic Blossom

We offer elegant, joyful and unique ceramic artwork for homes and gardens for all occasions: Valentine's Day presents, birthday's presents, Christmas presents, new home gifts or for yourself.

All products you see on this website are individual pieces made by hand and carefully crafted using traditional ceramic manufacturing techniques.

Whilst we primarily focus on flowers, we have added other items to our collection including apples and treasure trays.

The collection provides elegant decorative sculptures to brighten up a garden, pots, flower beds or lawn. At home, they make great additions amongst fresh flowers or as individual pieces. Perfect for gifting (or self-gifting), these are sure to become once favourite pieces.

Handmade and handpainted in France, sold in the UK - each piece is unique.

Choose online or visit us at an event in the UK to find a unique gift. 

Checkout via PayPal.

We're now also on Etsy


Visit the 'Gallery' page for pictures and inspiration.

Hope you like it as much as we do!

Ceramic Flower
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